The TCI Expat Alliance - How it works

Subscribed Services

The TCI Expat Community interacts on a secure, private expat communications platform - an expat forum PLUS

Our Platform

The TCI Expat Community is a group of like-minded individuals around the globe who are interested in expatriating. Our community interacts on a secure, private communications platform which stimulates meaningful conversation and enables access to our expat education program called TCI Connections.

Expat industry experts provide articles, blogs, webinars and round tables

Our Alliance

The TCI Expat Alliance is our team of expats and industry experts focused on analyzing and documenting the expat mindset and experience in its essence. They write articles, manage blogs, conduct webinars and round tables as part of TCI Connections. They represent a collective of expat experiences and perspectives focused on paying forward, i.e. helping you set the right expectations for your move to ensure a successful transition.

A La Carte Services

ETS – Expat Transition Services

TCI’s global network of industry experts provide education services and personal services to the TCI community. These practical services are all focused on ensuring that a successful, informed transition occurs.