The TCI Story - Preparing Expats For Life Abroad

CEO of TCI, Darrel Forte, moved from US becoming an expat in Ecuador with his family.

My family and I went to Ecuador on what we thought was going to be one of many trips to figure out where to make our first move. After two weeks in Cuenca, the decision was made to make the move! Upon returning to the United States, I began investigating what I thought I would need to know in order to make the move as an expat. I had been a corporate expat in the past, I was a seasoned international traveler, so how hard could this be? After three weeks of research about how to get a visa, I found myself frustrated, uninformed, and more confused than ever.

A friend in Cuenca encouraged me to reach out to a visa facilitator that had done good work for him. After reaching out to him, I received a simple one screen email, clearly explaining the process. I was amazed that it was really that simple! Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of work to be done to make it happen, but I understood what to do. The correct expectations were set, the process got done, all us was good!

These events made me realize a few things. First, getting to the right source of information the first time is critical to success in this effort. Second, if this process was a challenge for me with my background as an expat and as a traveler, it would be an even greater challenge for the typical pre-pat. Finally, the key to helping people is connecting the right knowledgeable people to the people that need help.

The idea behind TCI is that this effort is best achieved working in concert with other like-minded people. Community is everything! We help each other out along the way to our ultimate success!

Join us! The world awaits you!