A Personal Note from the Founder

TCI was born from my realization that generally, I was on my own to figure out expat life. The journey starts with a lot of questions, and I found getting answers was not that straightforward.

There are scattered resources out there, but they were like puzzle pieces from several different puzzles on one table needing to be sorted through. I wished I had access to someone who had already made the same move. I knew they were out there. I just didn't know how to find them.

That experience lead me to build TCI. We now have an entire community of expats rooting for you, eager to make your transition to life abroad the best it can be

The Founder’s Story

The TCI Expat Alliance

The Alliance is our team of successful expats and industry experts. They are a vital part of the community since they publish content with you and your needs in mind. Our community philosophy is one of “Optimistic Realism”. We encourage all to embrace their dream of living abroad, while setting realistic expectations in order to transition well. We accomplish this through the following approach:


How We Serve You

The TCI Expat Community

TCI is a community of pre-pats (aspiring expats) and expats that support and encourage each other in their efforts to embrace the expat experience. It is through our community that we unitedly make our way to a seamless and successful transition to expat life.

Collectively, we view everyday of our expat journey, from the initial conception of the idea to its fruition, as not our personal journey we live through, but also as something to be shared with others to help them succeed.

This Expat Life...

At our core, TCI is about people helping people throughout what we call This Expat Life… This refers to the life-cycle of an expat

  • Prepat - The aspiring expat
  • Expat - The expat living abroad
  • Repat - The expat going back home

We achieve this goal collectively as a community

Meet THE Team

Darrell T. Forte

Founder, President and CEO

I have been an expat in two different countries, in two different expat scenarios, in two different life situations. As a serial entrepreneur, I saw a great need to help other expats learn how to transition to life abroad and enjoy it to the fullest.

Ken Platt


Kenneth (Ken) Platt: CFO/COO Ken is a seasoned business and operations executive with extensive experience across multiple industries. Prior to co-founding TCI, Ken formed Clark Addison Group, LLC as an advisory and consulting practice. He has traveled extensively, setting up multi-faceted operations across Asia, India, and Europe.