TCI. Who We Are.

The TCI Expat Community

TCI is a community of pre-pats (aspiring expats) and expats that support and encourage each other in their efforts to embrace the expat experience. It is through our community that we unitedly make our way to a seamless and successful transition to expat life. Collectively, we view everyday of our expat journey, from the initial conception of the idea to its fruition, as not our personal journey we live through, but also as something to be shared with others to help them succeed.

The TCI Expat Alliance

A core part of our community is our Expat Alliance. Although all community members support each other, the Alliance members are a central part of that effort. As a team, they review and produce content in the form of text, video and interactive media all geared to help the community learn and engage in meaningful conversation about this expat life.

Concepts of, and options for living abroad


We introduce our subscribers to the concept of living abroad and showcase a variety of expat lifestyle options.

Online classroom curriculum on foreign relocation with specific information on popular expat countries.


We provide a blended online classroom curriculum to expand their understanding of expat life and the specifics of moving to the country of their choice.

When you plan moving abroad, we're here to guide and support


We guide and support customers during their transition, once they make the move.

TCI accomplishes these goals through TVC (Text, Video, and Conversation).

honest expat information helping you move abroad through newsletters, articles, and live chats


Customers receive honest and timely information through our newsletter, online articles, discussions, and our weekly LiveChats.

videos to increase understanding with real-life expat stories and guidance from relocation experts


Video content expands customer’s views and understanding of expat life.

expat community with RoundTables, video conferencing, webinars and workshops


Through webinars and small group video-conference workshops, and RoundTables, we create the TCI Expat Community, a global network of expats and experts.