TCI. Who We Are. Providers of expat education on moving abroad.

TCI is a full-service provider of expat education and transition services. We exist to educate pre-pats (The TCI term for aspiring expats) and serial expats about their options and to support them during every step of their transition. We allow customers to embrace their dream of living abroad, while also addressing the realities of being an expat. This is an approach we call “optimistic realism.”

Our objective is to assist all pre-pats in moving abroad, and to create a network of like-minded people to share the experience and excitement of expats everywhere. Our organization is regionally unspecific, so we can help expats no matter what country or city interests them.

Concepts of, and options for living abroad


We expose customers to the concept of the concept of and options for living abroad.

Online classroom curriculum on foreign relocation with specific information on popular expat countries.


We provide a blended online classroom curriculum to expand their understanding of expat life and the specifics of moving to the country of their choice.

When you plan moving abroad, we're here to guide and support


We guide and support customers during their transition, once they make the move.

TCI accomplishes these goals through TVC (Text, Video, and Conversation).

honest expat information helping you move abroad through newsletters, articles, and live chats


Customers receive honest and timely information through our newsletter, online articles, discussions, and our weekly LiveChats.

videos to increase understanding with real-life expat stories and guidance from relocation experts


Video content expands customer’s views and understanding of expat life.

expat community with RoundTables, video conferencing, webinars and workshops


Through webinars and small group video-conference workshops, and RoundTables, we create the TCI Expat Community, a global network of expats and experts.